Sell House For Cash is totally willing to provide proof of funds before you agree to take our offer. You can request our proof of funds, and because we know you don’t have time to waste, we’ll be very prompt about providing them to you. We always have the funds immediately on hand to buy your property and help you potentially get out of a bad financial situation.

It could depending on why you’re selling your house. If you’re selling the house for cash in order to avoid foreclosure, the sale of the house will actually save your credit from taking a huge hit. Foreclosure can be one of the most damaging things on your credit history and make it nearly impossible for you to finance a car, rent a new place to live or even get credit cards to start building your credit back up. So, yes, it could affect your credit in the sense that it could save it entirely.

If you’ve listed your home with a real estate agent and you’re finding the traditional housing market is not as fruitful as you hoped it would be, you can totally still sell your house to Sell House For Cash in Colorado Springs. However, if you signed a contract with the realtor who listed your house, you may still be obligated to pay their commission for the sale, even if they didn’t acquire it for you.

Sell Your House For Cash is owned and operated by people who are passionate about aiding our community. We want to be able to help you out of the tough spots like foreclosure, probate, even helping you make your divorce more simplistic by liquidating certain assets. We respect those in our community and for that reason, we will always provide the absolute best offer on your house that we can. You aren’t obligated to take our offer, but we’ll always strive to be fair and balanced with it.

Our evaluation process has many layers that all contribute to the offer we eventually issue to you. It all starts with a walk-through of your unwanted property. We’ll assess the physical condition of various attributes of the house and then take a pulse of the neighborhood your home is in, i.e. if the house is nearby schools, how many businesses are in a certain radius, and other location factors that affect the value of the house. We’ve purchased quite a number of properties in our time, and for that reason, we’re very equipped to quickly pick out what portions of your home needs to be repaired and what those repairs will cost. We’re also very familiar with the Colorado Springs area and even some areas in Northern Colorado and Denver, so we know exactly how the location of the property will affect the overall value.
After the initial evaluation, we then will have to coordinate and calculate what sort of repairs the property needs and what that will cost. Since we regularly repair houses, we have contracts with journeymen of all kinds that make these services more accessible at a better price which improves how much we can offer you.
Once we’ve essentially assessed the physical risk, we’ll then calculate the highest possible market value of the home once those repairs are complete including the current market conditions paired with expected market conditions, the existing inventory on the market, as well as similar properties that have recently sold. After all of this has been factored in, we can then offer a fair, balanced price on the unwanted property and, of course, pay all cash very quickly to take it off your hands and relieve any financial pressures you might be feeling.

We cannot pay retail prices for homes as the majority of the homes we pay cash for are foreclosures, in probate, or have major repair issues. Since we’re real estate investors, we place an emphasis on being able to offer cold, hard cash for the properties we’re buying saving you time, real estate fees and money overall. Market conditions are always taken into regard when we’re creating an all-cash offer.

We would love to help you if you’re facing a foreclosure. In almost all stages of foreclosure, we can help you escape the clutches of a foreclosure on your property that can ruin your financial health. We buy any house for all cash so that you can pay off your mortgage and start fresh once again without having a past property still weighing you down.

If you’ve recently experienced a death in the family and you’re currently slogging through the probate courts, we feel your pain. If you’re having trouble feeling the weight of the fees from lawyers and the court system, the answer might be to sell the inherited property. If you’re looking to sell a house you’ve inherited to aid with the probate process, reach out to us.

We specialize in purchasing houses that need lots of repairs. While it’s often not cost-effective to invest in major repairs before selling a house, like foundation issues and major water damage, our construction company partnership make it a manageable project. We’re happy to purchase properties that may need repairs too heavy for your pocketbook. Find out more.

Sell House For Cash buys houses in any sort of condition. Whether it’s completely unscathed from the ravages of time or the property has a few years under its belt and it’s suffered a few bruises, we’re happy to take the property off your hands. If you’d rather have cash instead of financial stress, reach out to us to get an all-cash offer for your house in Colorado Springs now.

People choose to sell a house for all cash for a variety of reasons.

    People Sell:

  • Unwanted inherited property
  • Houses that need extensive repair
  • Houses with water damage
  • Houses with foundation issues
  • Houses to help them afford assisted living
  • Unwanted rental properties
  • Houses that are in the midst of divorce proceedings
  • Houses facing foreclosure
  • Houses in probate
  • Houses people are moving away from for a job opportunity
  • Unwanted property you need to sell for a military relocation
  • And so many more types of houses

Whether it’s foreclosure, the hassle of inheriting, or a property that’s thick with emotional memories from a past marriage, a house can quickly turn from a “home” into an unwanted property. Move on and start fresh by selling your unwanted property to Sell House For Cash.

Yes, we actually specialize in situations involving foreclosure and we can still help even if you are behind on your payments.

Here at Sell Your House For Cash CO we are able to close as fast as 7-10 day from the time you accept our offer. We make it easy to sell your house for cash fast!

Working with an agent is very different than working with us. First, you will have to search for an agent that with truly get you top dollar. You will have to schedule an appraisal and an inspection and possibly pay those fees. You’ll have to deal with the stress of keeping a perfect house and scheduling multiple showings. You also run the risk of a buyer’s financing not being approved and leaving you to start the process all over. With Sell Your House For Cash CO, we make you an offer and then we handle the rest.

No! We will make you an offer and it is up to you if you accept or reject it. It is your choice!

Yes! We do not require that a house is vacant during our process.

We buy any kind of home in any condition. You can sell any house for cash!

NO! We do not charge any Fees or commission. This situation is hard enough for you so we pay all the closing costs and fees to make closing as easy as possible for you!

Yes. During our initial conversation, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to look at the house in Colorado Springs so we can give you a truly fair offer.