Houses have a nasty habit of falling into disrepair. It’s easy when you live somewhere to bypass the cracks in the ceiling and look the other way when the carpet is stained or the door jam is damaged. That’s a problem for future you, not today you. The bad news is, “future you” is now current you, and you’ll have to jump all the hurdles that come with repairing a home you’re trying to sell so that it can pass inspections once someone has demonstrated interest in the property.

If you accept the wisdom from sites like Zillow and other home selling guides, you’ll look the other way at the dinged door jam, and hire an actual inspector to take a walk around the house. Beware though, what you find there could be much worse than just needing a new coat of paint. You could come across foundation issues, water damage from that time your water heater broke, and other costly repairs that all start to stack up. If you don’t have the funds or the motivation to fix these issues, it can be a daunting prospect.