The entire state of Colorado has seen a real estate boom since the legalization of marijuana. The population has been spiking every year for the past decade, with a slow trend downward in the past couple of years, but certainly not enough to help the real estate market and the rest of the economy to find equilibrium. While some might claim the stress of this population spike has mainly rested on the infrastructure around the entire state, we’d argue that most of that stress has rested on the landlords. It’s no surprise the job has gotten much worse in recent years with an influx of people looking to rent rather than own.

When you look into becoming a landlord, it looks just like the dream job you never knew you wanted: there’s plenty of passive income, you can call yourself “a wealthy landowner,” and all you’ll need to do is draw up contracts and call someone to fix the water heater on your behalf every ten years. However, the harsh reality includes oceans of dog pee, eviction paperwork and renters that remind you more of King of The Hill Characters than actual human beings.