At one point, the home you purchased with your new spouse was a point of pride. But if you’re now looking at the divorce process, that house probably seems more like a heavy weight on your shoulders. You’re not Atlas, and you’re not destined to carry the world on your shoulders.

Nonetheless, figuring out what to do with a house when you’re in the middle of a divorce is honestly daunting. It’s full of roadblocks and a fair amount of conversing that will need to happen between you and your ex-spouse, which is likely not the preferred course of action — at least, not without a mediator. Many people find that selling the house around the divorce is the best option, be it before or after the event finishes up. So what’s the motivation behind that strategy? How do you choose when to sell the house? Will it take longer than the divorce proceedings? How do you factor in how long the divorce proceedings could take?

We’re here to help you understand the process as well as we can drawing from experiences folks who turn to Sell House For Cash have already been through.